Q3DM666 HowTo (using Q3MME)

The whole video works on Q3MME. This tool was created mainly to do defrag videos back in the day. It is an implementation of the ID Tech 3 -AKA Quake 3 engine- that let's you mess around with previously recorded demos.

love that Orbb shot!

So to begin with you need a to record a demo file with Quake 3. Then open it with Q3MME and the fun begins. There are MANY thing you can do. I'll go with the video's.

Q3MME works with some hotkeys and console commands. To get the front view from 3rd person you'll need:
/cg_thirdPerson "0"
/cg_thirdPersonAngle "0"
Then in order to change the model of the player you should:
/clientoverride 0 model doom/phobos hmodel orbb/default
So now you have a sequence you can repeat over again with different models. Remember to press 7 and set con_notifytime "-1" to have a clear screen.

For the recording I used the integrated video capture from windows (win+g shortcut). Also used for the winamp detail.

In green the multi-cam

With all the different videos (that share the same sound) you can easily do a multi-cam project.

For the second scene, you need to set the cam to freecam. You can move around while pressing the mouse button and go seting different keyframes. This guide is a nice resource.

It's looks a bit tricky at the beginning but you get used to it.

In Q3MME you can then tune many things, change the head, colors, speed, gravity, fov, custom models, light etc. You can always check the q3mme.proboards.com where Auri or Ent may kindly help you out ¡thanks!  .-)

Once you have all you footage, just add a killer track, edit, and you're done!!

Prepare to Frag !

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