Pagerank: "yestaray is not today anymore"

Something that I missed while I was in Berlin -I already had wifi, real good beer and better goulasch- was the ability to search for events in a concrete date.

It'll be really nice being able to search something like "concerts in berlin this week" or "what's now on tv?".

Google could manage to get the info in a similar way it's done with google news -in fact this info about events, tv, cinema appears in the newspaper- and even merge it with public google calendars if they are relevant enough. 

It's easy to say what should be done rather than doing it, it's the fun part!

By the way, google search's last round of improvements.

PD: google: "lottery number for tomorrow?"  .-)



La veritat és que va estar bastant currat, mes d 2h i sonant realment bé, un bon concert!

PD: odio als que no paren de parlar en un concert -tb aplicable a altres events-.